Blog post regarding bosom friendship- undergrad studies

The blog post dedicated to all bosom friends who nurtured an invaluable friendship in these golden 3 years of undergraduate studies …

Dear friends, we’re about to graduate and didn’t even realize how these golden years passed!
We were on a cloud nine for receiving admittance from one of the most prestigious colleges of Ahmedabad- the college renowned for producing academicians and bright students with extremely good skillsets. At the outset, we all were in a jovial mood and had infinite wishes to make an optimum utilization of these golden years of undergrad studies. Although not being very sincere student of the college, my friends didn’t let me have any feel of the same. We all have enjoyed the time of midsems and endsems. We used to spend quality time before/after midsems and endsems. I’ll remember the crazy photo-sessions, indulging into leg-pulling of friends at any inappropriate time, asking one another about the dubious queries (although irrelevant ones) , getting high on cracking exams with flying colors, consoling of friends for missing rank/good grads, wandering in various groups after exams, later mergering the groups and making fun at any cost. All these have been pictured to reminisce later to have some jovial feelings. I am really grateful to God for blessing me such selfless friends who taught me to nurture the friendship and live the life to the fullest irrespective of occurrences taking place and move on without bothering about any shit.
I’ve tried to make an exhaustive list of friends and their ‘gossips/characteristics’. This post is going to be quite lengthy but I’m sure you’ll be on different notes after reading the same.

Chirag Maheshwari- You’re one of the friends who have shared an unparalleled friendship. The friend who has guided me in myriad situations, made me laugh in innumerable situations, one of the most genuine, witty and humble guy I’ve ever been friends with. You possess great sense of humor. I would like to thank you brother for being there through thick and thin. I’ll always recall few funny incidents which can’t be mentioned here. Looking forward to have more memorable incidents in life ahead, I wish you best luck for having excellency in academics and in general.
“hum logone bahot jalse kiye Chirag, abhi bhi vo sab slideshow ki tarah khiche aate hai dimag me !”

Kevin Soni– Dear One of the most ‘untroubled and plesant’ persons, I cannot express my gratitude in words for being my bosom friend. In the very freshman year, we became friends and since then, it’s been a turning point of my life. I learned a few things from you. You resolved my stupid queries at the eleventh hour and cheered me up in all situations. I’ve learned from you how to be sincerely sincere in studies. Thank you brother for being with me and sharing the awesome bonding as a friend. I wish you best luck for reaching to a culminating point very soon.
“ apne bhai ko dua me yad rakhna”.

Parthil Kamdar:- Dear happy-go-lucky friend , you shared an awesome bonding , we made groups and start poking other people at the late night or early morning and enjoyed the derived pleasure. You, I and Chirag have spent high times on messaging applications and our friendship blossomed through the same. At this time, we can turn back and smell the fragrance of blissful, invaluable friendship. Indeed, you taught me to be on high notes at all times and enjoy the life. Do you remember, we used to get irritated on not seeing the friend coming out of an examination hall on a usual time? Really , we’ll cherish them in later stages of life. Especially , last few exams when we used to go to Chirag’s exam room to shout- ‘ ABE jaldi kar, 2 students ke paper likhega?Kitni der se tera wait kar rahe hai aur tu decoration me pada hai !” All such incidents make us smile at any point of time. I wish you best luck for getting Excellency in academics and enjoy your pleasurable life ahead.

Kunal Shah : Dear ‘straightforward and awesome’ friend , you’ve helped me get good grades by your invaluable contributions. Why on earth I’m not as simple person as you are? You have very clear fundamentals of life and not much fascinated towards materialism of life. You teach people to be contented and sincere. You have been an awesome friend from the freshman year and we both have had good time in our college. You are one of the humblest people on the earth and are selfless creature. I wish I could be like you an uncomplicated person! I wish you best luck for your bright career ahead and stay blessed.

Abhishek Trivedi : Dear F-J friend, you are as much foodie as I am . We both have passion for the same. You are always in jolly mood making fun of other friends and especially of one friend whom I won’t mention here for privacy of him. But it was the best fun made till today; he used to go away on seeing both of us in mood of leg-pulling. Those were the funniest incidents ever. Stay blessed and best wishes for getting infinite success ahead.

“ abhi hum logo ko bahot guftgoo karni baki hai , jaldi milte hai dosto”.

There’re many other bosom friends on whom I’ve to write , will share very soon guys….
Good luck !

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