Blog post-2#friendship

In continuation of blog post regarding bosom friendship …

Deval Jhaveri – Dear untroubled friend , we have had reasonably good time in college as well as hike . Throwing extra stickers till one gets irritated has always been a fun altogether. Our friendship blossomed in 2nd semester and gradually became close friends , you’re the friend on whom I’ll look up to in ‘some’ troubles . Teaching was more kind of a fun , we enjoyed it . We have made fun of a few friends for quite long time , especially after the exams in a parking space it was more comfortable to make fun of all people altogether. We laughed together, made coffee (one of the laughing moments) . I wish you best luck for future and thank you for being there in all situations. 

Vraj Joshi– Dear rocking & cheerful friend , you’re one of the most versatile persons I’ve met ever. You possess killer instinct and work beyond an usual thought process which puts you in altogether different category. You always come up with fairly different ideas & are cheerful in all times. You’ll surely reach to a culminating point in your career very soon . You’ve taught me to see things from an unusual practice . You’ve fabulous fundas in life .I wish you best luck for your passion , keep entertaining people forever. 

Meet Shah –  Dear ‘jugadu’ friend , you’re one of the most practical persons in terms of ‘jugad’ I’ve ever seen . You’ve great fascination towards cars & materialism . You’ve great approach towards life mechanism . Keep entertaining people by your stupendous knowledge regarding such stuff , I wish you best luck for your career ahead . 

Mittal Darji – Dear ‘smiling & unworried ‘ friend , you possess great attitude towards life and are more of a practical person . We have teased each other quite well and had good time in all exams , especially your unworried approach has always helped me get confidence in any period of time .Keep smiling and rock the institute in future .Best wishes !

Darshil Shah – Dear one of the humblest persons , first of all let me praise your recent hair style which has gained momentum in last few days . We have had an excellent time especially when I resided in an old residence . I was quite used to see you eating stuff at particular place . I wish you best luck & remain happy go lucky forever. 

Jay Shah -Dear an ‘alien & unusual’ friend , you’ve been fairly excellent in extra curricular activities & are techie ,too . Dosti tum sikhao logo ko ! Keep smiling & spread happiness forever  . You carry your signature style everywhere , keep having it forever . We have had numerous funny incidents in coaching ,they are worthy of cherishing forever !Best wishes & make people laugh forever ! 

Avish Shah– Dear ‘gentleman’ friend , I wish  I were alike you in straightforwardness and integrity.  You are simply brilliant in many aspects & one of the most career-oriented persons & not bothered towards materialistic stuff in life . You are one of the idealist persons ever . Best wishes & open new doors of scores of opportunities ahead . 

Stay tuned for more !

Tomorrow there’ll be an another post !

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